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Design of a custom webinar page

Would you like a webinar solution that is customized to your needs?

Use own language and date & time format per webinar Read more
Customize and style your email reminders Read more
Use your page builder and theme to style your webinar pages and add webinar functionality via shortcodes Read more


Would you like a flexible webinar registration?

  • 1-Click registrations from anywhere (CRM, emails) Read more
  • Dropdown, custom-, hidden fields, … Read more
  • Auto fill logged in user details in plugins you use inside webinar room like appointment, shop, voting, chat, … Read more
  • Get paid on webinar registration Read more
  • Send attendee’s data anywhere via HTML code

    Read more

    or via webhooks (incl. fields mapping/conditions) Read more

Milestones done since 01/2021 under new ownership

Roadmap going into the future

With Version 3.x+ reduce license system to only Ultimate, to deliver Ultimate features to all and develop quicker.
(Free/Trial/Former licenses will have limited registrations).

Customer stories

Show a little bit what is possible

  • Victor:
  • 7 languages (unlimited possible, one per webinar)
  • Custom-designed pages to meet the brand style.
  • Victor uses a shortcode to add the video via iframe and this shortcode does watermark the video per user with the email address.
  • Also, the user needs to be the first to register and be confirmed into a member area and then can register for the webinar (Name and email auto-filled).
    Links in notifications emails link directly to the secure thank you, webinar room pages, for quick access.
  • Melva (USA) connects her insurance webinars to her ZOHO funnel. And collect, inform leads with free Webinars
  • Mark (USA) uses WI for his clients’ virtual expos (Iframed video source).
    He very much likes the flexible registration form to ask for more data his client needs.
  • A client and Mark have several secured press conferences inside WebinarIgnition.
    They love that the webinar room is only accessible by one person per registration.
    Registration emails could be on a black or whitelist (allow only domains to register)
  • Other clients collect email leads for their free webinars and sent them via webhooks to their CRM without a 3rd party service in between. They also like that when a user attended the webinar the webhook is triggered.
  • Mark also converts PPT to HTML5 and lets the translate plugin auto-translate presentation live inside WI.
  • Sandra (Germany) creates money with her videos in WooCommerce paid evergreen webinars and
    collect leads with her free webinars.

You see WebinarIgnition is very flexible and everybody can use in the way liked.
When do you start your WebinarIgnition story?

About Us

Since 01/2021: New owner and new team. Thank you Amir for being for years with WebinarIgnition and 14 months in our team. Success in your next life part.
Welcome Idrees, who was developing the grid add-on for Ryk and then joined the team 1. april 2022.

Welcome you as you read this lines. You can be part of the team too, by using the software, share feature-, usability ideas and mainly having WebinarIgnition success.

Customer voices from

Great Support!
Thank you Ehtisham for your support! You are soo easy to work with and you are very patient. I will refer all my business associates who need support to you!!!
January 24, 2023
Very good set-up service
Thanks to the great support offered by Ehtisham I have been able to link together several plugins to create the custom funnel that I needed. This has saved me a lot of time and effort and will result […]in a flexible funnel that can be adapted as my requirements change. So I am very pleased with the service and am glad that I found WebinarIgnition. Read more »
January 10, 2023
Great plugin, service and support!
If you want to have the best webinars options, choose this. It works with a lot of video servicies ands codes, have a lot of options, and the best, the support is amazing, fast answer and helpfull.
June 14, 2022
After 9 years and change of ownership finally support!
Bought the plugin years ago and actually gave support up after some contact with the original developers of the plugin. […] Now, after years and new ownership of the plugin, got support and a satisfying compensation for the bad support in the past. So on that issue I would give 5 stars. However at a ‘report all errors’ the plugin writes an enormous number of notifications and warnings to the error log. The plugin itself is fully functional but could use a lot of cleaning up for the code. Since I can’t give ‘4.5’ stars, I was in doubt to give 4 or 5 stars. But since I hope that the new owner behind the plugin also works on a better quality of the code, I gave 5 stars anyway. Read more »
May 1, 2022
Great sofware amd support
Tobias is awesome! He is so friendly and helpful. I love the software. It’s easy to use and works well every time with no problems! […]I would highly recommend this software to anyone who has webinars! Iris Read more »
March 23, 2022
Super simple and very helpful
This Plugin is super fast and easy to set-up. It has a great chat funktion and a super nice support team, which will hit you up with everything you need. You also get the most amazing cta’s while […]giving your presentation. And can’t say it enough. This Plugin really is a game changer. Thank you very much for this Plugin. Read more »
October 27, 2021
exactly what i need!
i really like this plugin! it’s the only webinar tool that’s perfect for me: quick setup, great chat and awesome support, also perfect call to actions during the webinar itself! broad help area which […]is very useful. i can truly recommend it to everyone. Read more »
October 27, 2021
Great Plugin
super easy setup, super call to actions in the webinar, and if there are any questions about the plugin super fast live support. I am really happy with the plugin.
October 26, 2021
The best you can get, If you´re looking for a Webinarplugin for WordPress
The first Webinartool, that offers what it is needed: […]👉easy to set up, 👉Live and evergreen webinars, 👉easy to configure, 👉endless possibilities 👉and affordable. After understanding Webinarignition I skipped the trialversion and got me the livetime licence. And even better: I needed support and Tobias zoomed with me. it doesnt even took 5 minutes to get his answer to my request. Awesome and unexpected. That´s what I call support. Thank you Tobias. You and your Team are amazing. Read more »
October 10, 2021
Able to resolve Webinar Ignition with Getresponse Autoresponder
Integration of Webinar Ignition with Getresponse Email Autoresponder issue was resolved in no time with support by Tobias. […] He came live with me on zoom and get the issue sorted. I can now admit prospects to watch my live webinar. All Powered by webinar Ignition. Thanks Tobias and Webinar Ignition. Read more »
October 2, 2021

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  • 1 License (per installation)
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All live and evergreen features
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