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Would You Like a Webinar Solution that is Customized to Your Needs?

Use Your Own Language and Date/Time Format for Each Webinar
Design, alter Webinar Email Templates for your needs
Customize Your Webinar Pages with Your Page Builder and Theme, use shortcodes to add webinar functionality.

Flexible Webinar Registration

  • 1-Click registrations from anywhere (CRM, emails) Read more
  • Dropdown, custom-, hidden fields, … Read more
  • Auto fill logged in user details in plugins you use inside webinar room like appointment, shop, voting, chat, … Read more
  • Get paid on webinar registration Read more
  • Send attendee’s data anywhere via HTML code

    Read more

    or via webhooks (incl. fields mapping/conditions) Read more

Free Webinar Setup Service Live & Evergreen (Automated Webinars)

Looking to Host an Engaging and Informative Webinar? Look No Further!

We offer free 30-minute live and evergreen webinar setup services, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Our team of experts will work with you one-on-one to set up your webinar, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for both you and your audience.

Milestones Done Since 01/2021 Under New Ownership

Roadmap Going into the Future

With Version 3.x+ reduce license system to only Ultimate, to deliver Ultimate features to all and develop quicker.
(Free/Trial/Former licenses will have limited registrations).

Customer Success Stories

  • Viktor: 7 languages (unlimited possible, one per webinar)
  • Custom-designed pages to meet the brand style.
  • Victor uses a shortcode to add the video via iframe and this shortcode does watermark the video per user with the email address.
  • Also, the user needs to be the first to register and be confirmed into a member area and then can register for the webinar (Name and email auto-filled).
    Links in notifications emails link directly to the secure thank you, webinar room pages, for quick access.
  • Melva (USA) connects her insurance webinars to her ZOHO funnel. And collect, inform leads with free Webinars
  • Mark (USA) uses WI for his clients’ virtual expos (Iframed video source).
    He very much likes the flexible registration form to ask for more data his client needs.
  • A client and Mark have several secured press conferences inside WebinarIgnition.
    They love that the webinar room is only accessible by one person per registration.
    Registration emails could be on a black or whitelist (allow only @webinarignition.com domains to register)
  • Other clients collect email leads for their free webinars and sent them via webhooks to their CRM without a 3rd party service in between. They also like that when a user attended the webinar the webhook is triggered.
  • Mark also converts PPT to HTML5 and lets the translate plugin auto-translate presentation live inside WI.
  • Sandra (Germany) creates money with her videos in WooCommerce paid webinars and
    collect leads with her free webinars.

You see WebinarIgnition is very flexible and everybody can use in the way liked.
When do you start your WebinarIgnition story?

Customer Voices - Probably Best Rated Webinar Software 4 WP?

User Reviews From WordPress.org

Excellent Support
Webinar Ignition 1 on 1 Support was great. Resolved all my queries on time. […] Thank You. much appreciated. Nisha Read more »
September 27, 2023
Helpful with set-up
Ehtisham was helpful and friendly with the set-up of the plugin I had bought long time ago as a life […]time deal. Ownership had changed hands two or three times since then but the new owner seems to try hard to give a good support. I have not used it but the five stars will reflect his effort to help setting it up with me. Read more »
August 29, 2023
Webinar Ingnition Set Up
Ehtisham was incredibly helpful and patient in getting me set up with Webinar Ignition. In just 30 […]minutes, he walked me through the entire process of creating and launching my first webinar. The plugin is incredibly user-friendly, and the support is top-notch. I’m confident that I’ll be able to set up multiple webinars in a single day now that I have Ehtisham’s help. I am a medical doctor, with minimal computer knowledge. Ehtisham taught me everything step by step. Read more »
August 29, 2023
Good plugin
Ehtisham was so friendly and helpful. They managed to help me setup the plugin with my mailing list. […] Read more »
August 22, 2023
Excellent Support and a great webinar plugin
Ehtisham was great at taking me through the plugin. In just 30 minutes he literally helped me set up […]my first webinar.An exceptionally simple-to-use and effective plugin with exceptional support. I think I will be able to setup a few webinars in one day. I’m in 🙂 Read more »
July 31, 2023
Awesome Plugin with best Support
Best Webinar Plugin ever. Thousands of possibilities to customize and integrate. If you need help, […]the charming customer support is almost always available. Many Thanks to Ehtisham who gave his best to help me finding a suitable solution for my problem. Read more »
July 21, 2023
Best webinar system on WP + Amazing Support!
We are using WebinarIgnition for ‘evergreen’ webinasrs. It’s amazing to have a system where the […]webinar appears live to the customer, and the customer gets a great experience. You can customise all of the pages – registration page, thankyou page, webinar live page, webinar replay page. Your CTA links right from the webinar pages and you can customise all of your emails to your customers as well so they have all the information they need and CTA’s in email as well so you can get Sales! I loved the support and working with Ehtisham… he was very professional, and he helped us get everything customised and running on our own platform within just a few days.After previously trying to use WebinarPress and getting nowhere (because they offer Zero support and have an un-intitive interface), I highly recommend Webinar Ignition, It’s a wayyyyy better system, easy to set up and even more features PLUS amazing and customised support. Read more »
June 25, 2023
A Stellar Plugin with Superb Technical Support and Feature-Rich Platform
I recently had the pleasure of using WebinarIgnition Plugin for WordPress, an outstanding software […]plugin that truly exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Not only did it provide me with a feature-rich platform for hosting virtual events, but the technical support I received was nothing short of superb. Special thanks goes to the technical support team, Ehtisham Ul Haq, my good friend by now. First and foremost, the technical support team behind this plugin deserves high praise. Whenever I encountered any issues or had questions regarding its functionalities, he was always prompt and helpful in responding to my request. Ehtisham expertise and dedication to resolving my concerns were truly remarkable. His willingness to go above and beyond made the entire experience smooth and enjoyable. Kudos to Ehtisham for his exceptional support! Speaking of features, this plugin offers a comprehensive range of tools and capabilities that truly sets it apart from the competition. From creating interactive virtual event spaces to providing seamless networking opportunities, this platform has it all. The intuitive user interface made it incredibly easy to navigate and set up my virtual events effortlessly. I was able to customize the event layout, manage registrations, and even integrate third-party applications with minimal effort. One standout feature of this plugin is its versatility in accommodating various event types. Whether I needed to organize webinars, conferences, trade shows, or even virtual exhibitions, this platform had all the necessary features to make them successful. The ability to host live sessions, facilitate Q&A sessions, and offer on-demand content truly enhanced the engagement and interactivity of my events. Moreover, the plugin’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities provided invaluable insights into attendee behavior, session popularity, and other key metrics. These insights helped me fine-tune my event strategies and improve future event planning. The attention to detail and thoughtful design of the analytics dashboard impressed me, making it effortless to extract meaningful data. Overall, I can confidently say that this software plugin is hands down the best virtual event platform I have come across. The superb technical support, combined with its feature-rich platform, offers an unparalleled experience for hosting virtual events. The plugin’s seamless integration, customization options, and powerful analytics make it an indispensable tool for event organizers. I highly recommend this software plugin to anyone looking to host virtual events with ease and success. With its superb technical support and comprehensive set of features, you’ll be able to create unforgettable virtual experiences that leave a lasting impact on your attendees. Read more »
June 19, 2023
Very satisfied
Good plugin. Easy to use and great follow up from support. Thank you
June 14, 2023
Awesome support and plugin works
Perfectly works like magic
May 25, 2023

Reviews are taken from https://wordpress.org/plugins/webinar-ignition/

Our Pricing

** Depending on your hardware/server


All live and evergreen features
$ 0 Monthly
  • Up to 500 registrations
  • 45 minutes webinar time
  • Bonus after opt-in


All live and evergreen features
$ 34 Monthly


All live and evergreen features
$ 197 Yearly
SAVE 51%*

Price exclusive VAT | Price in $ and € are the same

* Save 51% compared to the monthly price ** depends on your server’s hardware


FAQ’s: Evergreen WordPress Webinar Plugin

1. Can I use my own branding elements in my webinars?

Yes, with the white labeling feature, you can use your own branding elements, including your logo and color scheme, in your webinars.

2. Can I customize the design of my webinar pages?

Yes, you can use your page builder and theme to style your webinar pages and add webinar functionality via shortcodes. You can also customize your email reminders to match your branding.

3. Can I generate leads through my webinars?

Yes, with features like registration forms and call-to-action buttons, you can collect leads directly from your webinars. You can also use the plugin to create evergreen webinars that generate leads on autopilot.

4. Does this webinar WordPress plugin use shortcodes?

Yes, with the use of shortcodes, you can easily add a webinar or video call to any page, post, or sidebar of your website, making it convenient for your audience to join your event

5. Can I host paid events using a Webinarignition plugin?

Yes, you can host paid events. Webinarignition offers paid features and allows you to charge attendees for access to your events.

6. Do You have a Satisfaction policy?

Yes, we do! You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you face any major issues that we cannot resolve within the next 30 days, we will happily consider offering a 100% refund of your money.

7. How many attendees can view my webinar?

The number of attendees who can view your evergreen webinar depends on the capacity of your server environment.

8. Do you offer any support if I need help?

To receive support, you can contact us through multiple channels. If you require immediate assistance, you can reach out to us through the chat function on our website.

9. How can I create automated webinars ?

To create automated webinars using a webinar plugin for WordPress, you will need to record your webinar and set it up to play automatically for anyone who registers to view it. Many WordPress webinar plugins offer features that allow you to automate your webinars, such as scheduling and auto-play

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About the Webinar

Does your audience feel they are watching a video instead of a webinar?

Would you like to add a countdown to actions and offers?

Your solution for all 3 questions is WebinarIgnition:

WebinarIgnition Webinar page designed with shortcodes_made_in_oxygen builder (pagebuilder that overwrite complete themes and styles. It let you also tweak CSS...)
Webinar page designed with shortcodes built in oxygen builder (page builder that overwrite complete themes and styles. It let you also tweak CSS, add JS. PHP code...).

Registration step

Completed 50%

About the Webinar

Does your audience feel they are watching a video instead of a webinar?

Would you like to add a countdown to actions and offers?

Your solution for all 3 questions is WebinarIgnition:


All live and evergreen features
SAVE 51%*