How to Record a Webinar: Steps & Tips [Guide 2023]

Recording webinars have become standard practice. It’s practical for the webinar host and the past and future attendees.If you’re wondering how to record a webinar, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll see what steps you need to take to have an adequate webinar recording.

How to Record a Webinar Steps & Tips

Follow This Easy 4 Steps to Record a Online Webinar

Step 1. Set Up Your Recording

For recording Your online webinars:

  • Use a good microphone

Investing in a microphone is also an investment in the future that you want to get with the help of your webinar videos. With the microphone, it is important to pay attention that there is no noise and that its “Voice Input” is not high so as not to hear echoes or noises, which can greatly affect the quality of the video.

  • Prepare a presentation

A beautiful webinar involves having a great presentation with amazing content. You, as a content creator can control the duration and the look of the entire webinars.

The presentation can be not only oral but also graphically rich and interactive. In fact, major webinar types have some type of visuals.

Step 2. Start Your Session

In order to prepare a webinar that will leave a mark on your users, it is essential to prepare all the elements. When we talk about how to “run a session”, it’s important to note that with WebinarIgnition it’s extremely easy. 

So let’s start, within the WebinarIgnition video record, you need to press the start record button and thus start your session. There is no time limit within the duration of the session. 

But the advice is of course not to make the video long so that your users can enjoy and quickly accept the information they have for them.

Step 3. Stop Your Recording

To stop your recording once the webinar ends, simply click on the stop button. You can also use your keyboard for screen recording control. If you’re a Windows user, press Shift + F10 to stop the recording, and Shift + F9 to pause/resume. 

If you’re a Mac user, press Control-Shift-V to stop the recording and Control-Shift-space to pause/resume. Once you end your recording, the file will open in WebinarIgnition editor.

Step 4. Edit And Share The Recording

With WebinarIgnition video editing software there are all sorts of editing options. Some of the popular webinar edits include pulling the screenshots out of recording and cutting the unwanted sections. 

Once you’ve edited all the video files, you can click Share and share the recording on any social media or with the attendees or people of your choosing. To save the webinar as MP4 to your computer, choose the Share to File option.

Tools & Plugins for Recording a Webinar

Best Tools & Plugins for Recording a Live Webinar

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to recording options.


WebinarIgnition is a wordpress webinar plugin and a flexible platform for creating professional live & automated webinars. It features a wide range of functions designed to make webinar recording easy and available to everybody. 

Some of the powerful features include customizable default templates, email & text message (SMS) reminders, viral sharing, live console and much more.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. It helps to create a professional production without much effort and previous knowledge. 

Along with recording features, it also has an intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters,  unlimited number of scenes, a streamlined settings panel and more.


Zoom is a  secure, reliable video platform for meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events. Zoom prides itself on supporting up to 10,000 attendees for free, with the fact that you can connect to it from any device via the app, and with its robust security settings.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most comprehensive collaboration tools for seamless work and team management. Even thought it’s more of a platform for connecting teams, it can easily be used for external business or just about any types of webinars. 

It has a wide range of functions like virtual meetings, group chats, audio calls, video conferences and more.

Tips & Tricks How to Prepare & Record a Webinar Presentation Like Experts

Tips & Tricks: How to Prepare & Record a Webinar Presentation Like a Pro

There are a few tips and tricks to follow if you want to make the entire webinar experience feel professional and experienced.

Create Amazing Visual Branding

Audience loves relevant content just as much as interactive video content. When considering what to add to your webinar, just think of all the questions the audience might ask and answer them in your presentation.

 The research shows that the optimal length is between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Other than words, make sure you create amazing visual branding that is in accordance with your brand and mission.

Make a Guide

Prepare guidelines that you will follow during the presentation. It is always better to be prepared in advance than to improvise. Guidelines will also make you feel safer in case the webinar goes in an unexpected direction.

Prepare Yourself Fully & Concentrated

Other than preparing your presentation and eliminating any disturbance on your computer and external environment, it’s essential to also prepare yourself. Rehearse the presentation. Try to calm the performance fear if there is meditation and deep breathing.

Don’t Allow Any Disturbance

Before starting the webinar make sure you’ve eliminated everything that can cause a disturbance.

  • Mute any device not needed for the webinar
  • Be in a quiet room
  • Close the doors so no kids or pets can enter
  • Close the background application

In addition to that, we advise investing in a properly set-up microphone and camera. Those default laptop microphones won’t do you any good.

Test Sound, Microphone Before Recording

Like before any meeting, it’s essential to test the sound and microphone before recording. Make sure it’s working properly and all the settings are set right.

If you notice the sound isn’t clear enough, you’ll have time to invest in a better, high-quality microphone before the presentation to avoid glitches.

Frequently Asked Questions About On How To Record a Webinar

How do I save my webinar recording?

Just click on the save button after recording.

How do I record a live webinar?

Click on the start recording button before starting with the webinar.

How do I record webinar audio?

Most webinar software automatically record audio at the same time as video, but be sure to check if it’s recording anyway.

How do I record a webinar video?

Click on the button start recording to capture the webinar.

How can I record a webinar on my laptop for free?

You can use various free record webinar video software/apps.

How do I download a webinar video?

There should be a download video visible in the webinar software.


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