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WebinarIgnition is platform for creating and hosting live video conferences, video calls and video call replays on WordPress.

Benefits of Using WebinarIgnition’s Video Conference Plugin for WordPress

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How To Add a Video Conference Plugin To Your WordPress Site?

You can add a video conference plugin to WordPress by following the steps below:

  1. When in WordPress Dashboard, click on “Plugins” and “Add New” in the left menu.
  2. In the search bar type “Webinarignition” and it should automatically start the search and show WebinarIgnition’s plugin.
  3. Click on “Install” and after the installation is complete, click on “Activate”. That’s it!
  4. You can also download WebinarIgnition plugin and manually add it to your plugins.
  5. In the WordPress dashboard, in the left menu, click on WebinarIgnition and “Create new webinar”.
  6. Invite your attendees and share your page or post with your target audience
  7. Start hosting your video conference call.

It’s that easy!

How to install video conference plugin for wordpress

Video Conference Plugin Key Features

Customizable Default Templates

Q&A email system & 3rd party integration

Unlimited flexible Call-to-Actions (CTAs) 

Chat & Polls inside Conferences

We provide a variety of professionally designed customizable default templates so you can create the best possible video conference call pages. 

Customize your templates with your brand’s color scheme, logo, and other essential branding elements. 

Monitoring and answering questions during the meeting is essential for interaction with users. 

With our Q&A email system, you can mark questions as read or delete them once answered via the console. 

You can add an unlimited number of Call-to-Actions in the form of regular buttons or up to full height iframes or shortcodes.

Since all these unlimited, flexible CTA are shown in the live video conference room, they can easily be shared with attendees.

A chat and poll feature is integrated so participants can have discussions and better interaction with the presenter.

Benefits & Why To Use WebinarIgnition for Video Conference
Benefit & Why To Use WebinarIgnition for Video Conference
WordPress Video Conference Plugin Key Features​
WordPress Video Conference Plugin Key Features​


Multiple Languages Options


Email & text message (SMS) reminders

You can use live video calls as the opportunity to let your sponsor present products and services or even interact with the attendees.

When interacting globally, it’s helpful to offer multiple languages options. This can significantly improve the meeting experience.

The announcement feature is excellent when organizers invite participants to other content. 

A quick reminder in the form of SMS or email can significantly improve attendance.

Premium Functions of Video Conference WordPress Plugin

WordPress + WebinarIgnition

WebinarIgnition’s plugin integrates easily with WordPress. Your video conferences campaigns can be managed directly from the WordPress dashboard.

  • Use your own page builder to custom style pages
  • Use your own domain, e-mail address, hosting
  • Add unlimited plugins to extend functionality & conversion
WebinarIgnition for WordPress
Integrate webinar with any email marketing provider

Integrate Your Video Conference with Any Email Provider

  • WebinarIgnition integrates with any email autoresponder, including top providers like GetResponse, Aweber, iContact, SendReach, and MailChimp. See KB
  • Via WP2LEADS we offer a full integration with KlickTipp. See KB

Share Your Conferences With Ease

Adding a viral sharing feature will inspire your users to share your video conference on forums, social media and other platforms.

This will create greater visibility and more participants in your live video conferences and calls. 

Benefits & Why To Use WebinarIgnition for Video Conference
Webinar Demo with flexible and responsive sidebars and 2-way Q&A Chat

Countdown Timer

Encourage your attendees to engage with your conference by creating a countdown timer for video conference replay.

This will ensure that they watch your reply immediately. 

Registration form

The registration form can be added in the form of a responsive/adaptive widget. It can be placed on any page, post or sidebar.
Selling and chatting directly in evergreen webinars

User Testimonials & Reviews

What are users are saying about the best WordPress plugin for video conferences?
The Best Support!
Ehtisham is the best. Truely. He's patient, knowledgeable, makes himself available at all times. The plug-in is 100% working because of his help. Don't hesitate to use this plug-in!! His help [...]makes ALL the difference. You are not alone with this one, so try it today. HIGHLY recommended! Read more »
March 5, 2024
Good tech support
Ehtisham worked with me to help me figure out how to set up the zoom webinar on Webinar Ignition and clarified all my doubts as well. Appreciate his assistance in setting it up.
March 2, 2024
Best Evergreen webinar plugin
Webinar Ignition stands out as an economical yet effective webinar solution. With its affordability and dedicated support, it's the ideal choice for maximizing webinar impact without exceeding your [...]budget. Whenever I needed help Mr Ihtasham Ul Haq always helped me resolving the issues. Experience the brilliance of Webinar Ignition today. Highly Recommended. Read more »
February 18, 2024
This is the next generation of webinar functionality
I started using Webinar Ignition in 2017 - as a user and value-added reseller. It was a great platform for the time, but with no further development done, it fell behind the industry standard. [...] Now we're in the era of Webinar Ignition 2.0 so to speak and since Tobias and his team acquired the business, it has undergone so much innovative development on the back end. What we have now is a world class webinar product, fully integrated into the world's most popular CMS - WordPress. What you get is a fully customisable experience, unlimited webinars and options. You can run the webinars using the templates or integrate functionality into your own pages using short codes. If anything, there is almost too many options available and this can be bit much when learning the new system. Ehtisham from the web dev team has provided so much direct support to resolve questions and queries, and to get my first evergreen webinar funnels set up. So, what can you expect from this plugin - a global team of dynamic people who are passionate about their product and who really know their product and who will always go out of their way to help. A world-class webinar platform to rival any of the big brand names at a sweet price that is accessible to everyone's pocket. A system that is developing all of the time, an innovative leadership and people like Ehtisham, who go above and beyond every time. 100% recommended. Read more »
October 13, 2023
Excellent Support
Webinar Ignition 1 on 1 Support was great. Resolved all my queries on time. Thank You. much appreciated. Nisha
September 27, 2023
Helpful with set-up
Ehtisham was helpful and friendly with the set-up of the plugin I had bought long time ago as a life time deal. Ownership had changed hands two or three times since then but the new owner seems to try [...]hard to give a good support. I have not used it but the five stars will reflect his effort to help setting it up with me. Read more »
August 29, 2023
Webinar Ingnition Set Up
Ehtisham was incredibly helpful and patient in getting me set up with Webinar Ignition. In just 30 minutes, he walked me through the entire process of creating and launching my first webinar. The [...]plugin is incredibly user-friendly, and the support is top-notch. I'm confident that I'll be able to set up multiple webinars in a single day now that I have Ehtisham's help. I am a medical doctor, with minimal computer knowledge. Ehtisham taught me everything step by step. Read more »
August 29, 2023
Good plugin
Ehtisham was so friendly and helpful. They managed to help me setup the plugin with my mailing list.
August 22, 2023
Excellent Support and a great webinar plugin
Ehtisham was great at taking me through the plugin. In just 30 minutes he literally helped me set up my first webinar.An exceptionally simple-to-use and effective plugin with exceptional support. I [...]think I will be able to setup a few webinars in one day. I'm in 🙂 Read more »
July 31, 2023
Awesome Plugin with best Support
Best Webinar Plugin ever. Thousands of possibilities to customize and integrate. If you need help, the charming customer support is almost always available. Many Thanks to Ehtisham who gave his best [...]to help me finding a suitable solution for my problem. Read more »
July 21, 2023

What Makes WebinarIgnition's Video Conference WordPress Plugin so Special?

Easy To Use

Using WebinarIgnition’s video conference plugin is super easy and intuitive.

Manage Registrants

You can manage the number and identity of registrants and see how they participated in your live video conference.

Customize the way you want!

Choose among various templates and highlight your brand with a choice of colors, layout, show/hide elements, and more.

Social media sharing buttons
Live Console as your hub or dashboard

Live Console

With a live console, you can easily send call-to-action messages, manage messages and make detailed reports.


Email Notifications

Schedule your email notifications at specific times with our email notification system that integrates with any SMTP service.

Add Monetization Methods To Your Live Video Calls

You can charge your attendees to attend your live video calls and conferences.

This can be implemented with virtually any payment system, like PayPal, Stripe, Google Checkout and many more.

Connect any payment service provider to your webinar
Offer paid webinars
On-air messaging
Add CTA to your on-air message
Integrate with any SMTP email service provider

Offer Live Support Questions & Tickets

We offer you the flexibility to set up either a question box or a live chat area in your live video conference call.

When you use our question box, we automatically put the name and email address of the participant in the box, so it’s very easy to see who’s asking each question. If you use the live chat feature, it can be integrated with any live chat service like iFlyChat.

Offer Support to Your Webinar Attendees
Offer live support to your webinar registrants

1-Click Registration

Register 100% of your subscribers for a online video conference calls with just one click. Once someone clicks on a link in your email, they are automatically registered for your live video conference.

Allow user to register to your webinar using their Facebook acounts

Or Register via Facebook

Allow visitors to register via their Facebook login.
See KB

WordPress Video Conference Plugin FAQ

  1. In WordPress Dashboard, click on “Plugins” and “Add New” in the left menu.
  2. In the search bar type “Webinarignition” and it should automatically start the search and show WebinarIgnition’s plugin.
  3. Click on “Install” and after the installation is complete, click on “Activate”. 
  4. In WordPress dashboard, in the left menu, click on WebinarIgnition and “Create new webinar”.
  5. Add a shortcode to your page or post.
  6. Invite your attendees to your conference call and share your page or post with your target audience
  7. Start hosting your video conference call

Packages Explained



Only live video conferences
$ 0 Free
  • Live video conferences and calls
  • 1 License (per installation)
  • Detailed user registration & conversion tracking
  • E-mail, chat support & product updates
  • Bonus: Test & use EVERGREEN ultimate features for the first 50 registrations every month


All premium features
$ 197 Yearly
Most popular


All premium features
$ 720 One-time payment
  • All features from ULTIMATE plan
Best Value

* 20$ per month when you subscribe annually | Price plus VAT | Price in $ and € are the same


All live and evergreen features