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Register for Webinar with Phone number only instead of Email?

HI HI, Hello I have a simple question.

How can I substitute phone number instead of Email in login form and use phone number as the key value of attendances ??

Thank you for your help.

WebinarIgnition team: this needs the whole email address based registration process to be replaced by sms, txt.

Which is possible as we already have a sms integration for the reminder.

If you need it ASAP let us give you a quote and we deliver quickly.

If you like to have this feature sometime in the future vote for it here.

Best regards Tobias

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PS: If you have your license bought before 01/2021 you are registered as a user already.
So you can directly login or reset password here.

PPS: To be more visual please link screenshots and link screencast in your request and your comment.

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