Sarah’s Successful Webinar Business

The following story is just one example for the human willing to never give up, even in very hard times. It might be a blueprint for You to start over today and build a successful webinar business.

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I have a story to tell that many people know or have even experienced by themselves.

When the Corona pandemic has started in the early 2020, the lockdown wasn’t long to come. Many businesses had to close, and many people faced financial ruin. “Why didn’t we move our business online before?” was a question many shop owners asked themselves. Many went bankrupt.

Sarah, a single parent mother of two from Berlin had a pottery business, she builded from scratch all alone. Cause of Covid lockdown, she was forced to close her shop for several months and faced the financial ruin. Even if she the had the money or knowledge to build an online shop, she knew that it would take months to get the e-commerce train rolling.

Sarah wasn’t even able to afford the rent for her house and faced homelessness with her kids. 

Sarah started a successful webinar business

What should she do? 

Then Sarah had an idea. Are there people out there who would like to learn about pottery craft? After some research in the internet Sarah found out: Yes, there were!

Then Sarah looked out for a way to share her knowledge with other people over the internet and getting paid by them. A good friend told her to make a simple WordPress website and offer her expertise through paid webinars. Overnight she set up a WordPress website and found an ingenious solution for hosting live, recorded and paid webinars within her WordPress system – WebinarIgnition.

Through her small but loyal social media community she promoted her first webinar in pottery craft. People who were bored out of their minds during the lockdown loved learning something creative and shared Sarah’s webinar all over Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Today Sarah runs a very successful webinar business and has never had to open her shop again.


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