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Things are changing from VERSION 3 and onwards

The NEW WebinarIgnition Team continuously develop and enhance your webinar-producing-experience.
The former (before Jan 2021) has to make way for the new!

Enjoy a lot of ULTIMATE features and continued support! 

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FAQ (updated 2023.05.09): 

Q: Hey Thanks for the emailI was told a while back Webinar Ignition did not work anymore
A: Since 01/2021 maintained and working with PHP 8.x. Above PHP 8.1.X above with with notices. We run our pages at PHP 8.x.
With the completely new version this year, you be able to run any upcoming PHP version.

Q: Where do i add the key?
A: Please watch the above video that cover 2 possible scenarios.

Q: What are the ultimate features and what do I loose if I upgrade above v3?
A: For features see Milestone section below. You will have a registration limit 100 on the BASIC license and 200 PREMIUM+.

Q: … Could you please clarify your statement, “With a registration limit of 200 overall webinars of one wp Installation” I am not clear by what you mean by “limit of 200 overall webinars.” Is that attendees per month or referencing something else?
A: You got a limit of 100/200 registrations.
100/200 visitors can submit the registration.
Counted overall webinars (live&evergreen) of one WP Installation.
The limit will be reset every month. A progress bar inside the webinar will show the amount left and if enough registrations are left to keep the registration open.
If the limit is reached registrations on all webinars are closed.
Registration can be opened up by using paid version with unlimited registration or limit is reset when month is over.

Q: Why i can not get a ultimate license with unlimited registrations for my paid license?
A level like basic, premium, ultimate contains a set of features and is connected to the license you bought.
A: You understand we can not give you the Ultimate level added above your basic, premium level for $0.
Background: We are really into this plugin with 3+ people involved and we want to continue for unlimited time.
To guarantee you a successful webinar experience that pays out for you.

Be prepared for VERSION 3

Option 1: Do nothing

Current Version: 3.00.3 from 2023-05-29 2:38pm GMT

 “I don’t want to upgrade”

How does it affect me: You can still use WebinarIgnition, but will only get support and updates prior to VERSION 3.

Possible next step: For free: You are very welcome to use your paid license with the latest 2.x version of the plugin.

Option 2: Get support, updates and success boosting features:

“I only want to upgrade to VERSION 3”

How does it affect me

  • You get lifetime all current and new features.
  • You will have a registration limit 100 users on the BASIC license and 200 users on the PREMIUM/ENTERPRISE license.
  • The limit will be per months over all webinar registrations of one WordPress installation.
  • As some of the former license have unlimited licenses you can use one of your key per WordPress installation and get the free registrations offered above.
  • No other limits like: amount to webinars

Possible next step: Upgrade to VERSION 3. No cost.

Option 3: Get lifetime all current and new features + unlimited registrations:

“I want everything new”

How does it affect me: For your best success get unlimited registrations with all Ultimate features

Possible next step: Upgrade to the new ULTIMATE and ULTIMATE LIFETIME
Get Discount (discontinued 31.12.2022)

Every plan starts with a 30 days free trial

Our Pricing

** Depending on your hardware/server


All live and evergreen features
$ 34 Monthly


Only simple live webinars
$ 0 Free
  • Live webinars NO Ultimate features​
  • Unlimited webinars **
  • Unlimited attendees **
  • 1 License (per installation)
  • Detailed user registration & conversion tracking
  • E-mail, chat support & product updates
  • Bonus after opt-in: EVERGREEN ultimate features for the first 50 registrations every month


All live and evergreen features
$ 197 Yearly
SAVE 51%*


All live and evergreen features
$ 720 One-time payment
Best Value

Price exclusive VAT | Price in $ and € are the same

* Save 51% compared to the monthly price ** depends on your server’s hardware

I would like to share with you the milestones done and
the Roadmap of Our WebinarIgnition

Milestones done since 01/2021

Basic, Pro, Premium, Enterprise License

Ultimate only
Roadmap/what comes in the future

With Version 3.x+ reduce license system to only Ultimate, to deliver Ultimate features to all and develop quicker.
  • REDO the whole plugin to: (rough steps, aprox. 6 months)
    – have a nice WP menu structure (like the new WooCommerce menu)
    – use the Gutenberg editor with default pages templates, for easy edit (You can still use your page builder or disable gutenberg).
    – make saving in the backend better/faster, save the WP way
    – make adapt your colors easy with global colors
    – use more WP functions, to make the webinar plugin faster/smaller
  • Overview of all webinars in a webinar archive, register with one click (Already developed and not released)
  • Seamlessly integration circle in your funnel/marketing/CRM
    To funnel, track, guide the users/attendees totally, for most success.
  • Some chat integration maybe tawk.to or own, to trigger fake chat messages (automated time based messages to the user)
  • Offer Subscription to take server load from your server
  • Improved DSGVO, GDPR, attendee data protection:
    – double opt-in email to secure user data and filter spam
    – unsubscribe from reminders
    – honeypot to block bot registrations
  • Better live webinars, unlimited, prepared CTAs with shortcodes/Iframes 
  • Your wishes and ideas you can be added here to the feature vote page

Customers reviews and plugin facts from WordPress.org

Awesome support and plugin works
Perfectly works like magic
May 25, 2023
zoubard (barsou1324)
zoubard (barsou1324)
Great Plugin, Fabulous Support !
Un Support extraordinaire !Continuez comme ça Webinar Team !Plugin a tester 100% garantit et efficace. N'hésitez pas et foncez.
May 3, 2023
Great plugin!
I've enjoyed the flexibility and support I've received with this plugin. Ehtisham was nothing but helpful during my time customizing a thank you and webinar page. I highly recommend this plugin!
April 30, 2023
Awesome Plugin & Customer Service
I recently tried out, webinar ignition & honestly, I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to use and set up my first webinar. Plus the customer support representative Ehtisham was extremely [...]helpful! I really liked how customizable the plugin was, especially with the registration page and email reminders. It made my webinar feel more personal and on-brand. One thing that stood out to me was the analytics feature. It gave me a lot of insight into how my attendees engaged with the webinar, which was super helpful for improving future webinars. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this plugin if you're looking for a solid option for hosting webinars on your WordPress site. Read more »
April 26, 2023
The Best AMAZING Person
Ehtisham went over and above what we asked. He was always helpful and very responsive. Kind, considerate and very good at communicating. We would work with him over and over again. Webinar Ignition is [...]a great pluggin for creating a webinar. It has so many features that supported most everything we needed. Thank you so very much. Read more »
April 16, 2023
Nice Plugin
Nice plugin to do the webinars, thanks for the support
April 14, 2023
Super Plugin!!!
Ich habe Webinarignition für die Erstellung eines Evergreen-Webinar-Funnels ausprobiert. Webinarignition hat eine erstaunliche Bandbreite an Funktionen, die keine Wünsche offen lassen. Hier ist [...]wirklich alles abgedeckt. Nach einigen technischen Problemen hat mir der Support prompt geholfen, indem er mich per Video-Call Schritt für Schritt zu den Lösungen geführt hat. UND: Der Support ist sofort zur Stelle, wenn man Hilfe braucht! Ich bin rundum zufrieden und spreche hiermit eine ganz klare Empfehlung für Webinarignition aus. Danke und viele GrüßeChris Read more »
April 13, 2023
Best Services for Webinar setup, Highly recommended
I was sure If I should take the services at first but somehow I took the services and they gave the best services. They are really responsive and can provide you according to what you require or I [...]would say that even more than what you expect. Highly recommended. Read more »
April 12, 2023
Amazing Plugin
The WebinarIgnition plugin is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to run successful webinars on their WordPress site. I've been using this plugin for a while now and I'm extremely impressed with its [...]features and functionality. A big Support. I highly recommend the WebinarIgnition plugin to anyone who wants to run successful webinars on their WordPress site. Read more »
March 28, 2023
Sehr umfangreiches Plugin mit vielen Möglichkeiten
Ich habe einige ähnliche plugins ausprobiert, doch dieses hat mich wirklich überzeugt. Guter Support!
March 25, 2023

400+ active plugin installations | 31 ratings and 98% of the are positive (Click to see reviews) | 
Last updated: 2023-05-29 2:38pm GMT 
| Last Version: 3.00.3


If you like go (back) to version 2.x

About free trial (500 registrations)

  1. For 30 days to use all Ultimate functionality with 500 registrations total once. 45 min. attendee webinar room time limit.
  2. Yes, we ask you to provide payment details used after the trial.
  3. You can manage the license directly inside the plugin or here
  4. You are reminded via email 7 days before the trial ends.
  5. If you need more than the 500 registrations during the 30 days trial,
    you can always upgrade inside the plugin (“Upgrade”) 
    or here.

How will the update be rolled out?

  1. We will test new plugin with Ultimate license only
  2. You need to manually click update to version 3+
    So plugin is not auto updating, 
  3. But maybe included in bulk plugin updates!
  4. In version 3 you can still activate former license with your email/key to get your free ultimate registrations.

About free branded (500 registrations)

  1. Get the latest version 3.x+ and opt-in and activate the branding option.

Details about lifetime

  • Former license since 2013 get only limited support and bugfixes after 2 years of maintaining and full support up to 01.05.2023
  • With version 3.x and higher you have the choice to get:
  • Get all ultimate features and full support. And lose unlimited registrations and get a monthly 100(basic)/200 (pro enterprise) registration limit.
  • This free registrations can be used on unlimited sites/domains by enter the former key and email address inside the plugin. Get keys here: https://webinarignition.com/members/

License level detail

  • The basic lifetime license get only basic features lifetime
  • The pro/enterprise lifetime license get only pro/enterprise features lifetime
  • The Ultimate license get only Ultimate features

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Does your audience feel they are watching a video instead of a webinar?

Would you like to add a countdown to actions and offers?

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