The Story of Charles and Amanda

In our case study 2 users (Charles & Amanda) did set up webinars. Both used CTAs and Autoresponder  for getting in deeper touch with their audience. But they did it in different ways. Lets see who of them both had more sales.


Case 1: Charles had a webinar with 120 registrations. 72 of them has joined the webinar. He tried to sell a webdesign master class by offering the product in form of a simple CTA button during the webinar. At the end of the webinar Charles sold his master class 4 times by CTA clicks. His conversion rate was 5.6%.

Case 2: Amanda has made a webinar to collect leads and sell her weight loss course. But Amanda made something different. She did not try to sell the course directly during the webinar. Instead of that she displayed a number of CTAs that engaged the attendees to vote in some polls to learn about their interets. Cause of these actions Amanda gave her attendees different “tags” to save information. Via a webhook she was able to categorize every of her leads and send then into an appropriate Email funnel.

In the coming days Amanda turned 10 of her 69 webinar attendees into customers who bought her course. Her conversion rate was 14.4%.


Charles has tried to turn his attendees directly into customers during the webinar. But an adage say: “As early You ask for money as less You will sell”. He has no direct newsletter connection and therefore he has to sell directly inside his webinar.

Amanda was patient and smart. She used webhooks to “tag” her attendees with their interests and converted them later by sending them to different Email funnels. Amandas auto responder can also send the non-participating registrants further offerings via Email. She had an almost 3 times higher conversion rate than Charles.

Your CRM doesn’t support webhooks? Check out the knowledge base entry about auto responder.

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