Woocommerce integration – easy do paid webinars

As WooCommerce has got everything from invoicing and payment gateways, lets create a product type called webinar inside WooCommerce and let attendees easily buy webinar via their favorite payment processor like PayPal, Molly, Bank payment, … Version 1.0 of the integration is done and provides secure webinars.

Improve CTAs (Call-to-Actions)

Option to show CTAs (Call-to-Actions) in video, like we do with shortcodes already Add transparency to show button ect. over video Allow shortcodes in CTAs so you can show a poll or chat… for a period of time.

Register for Webinar with Phone number only instead of Email?

HI HI, Hello I have a simple question. How can I substitute phone number instead of Email in login form and use phone number as the key value of attendances ?? Thank you for your help. WebinarIgnition team: this needs the whole email address based registration process to be replaced by sms, txt. Which is […]

Add a Countdown on Registration Page

Please insert a Countdown on Registration Page. Introduction Countdown Example: Next webinar starts in: %countdown% If you have a good example share it. You can use free hurry timer plugin until we added an built in solution.